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4 Quick Ways to Increase Peace in Your Life

In order to reduce stress it is sometimes helpful to increase the amount of peace you experience everyday. One of the easiest things you can do starting today is to begin to experience peaceful events or living things in nature. Watching a sunrise or a sunset, noticing a flower, watching a bird, focusing on a beautiful tree are all examples of free ways to begin to increase your inner peace today. It is good to allow yourself to experience these things for at least 1 minute while you tune out all other distractions. Ten or twenty minutes per day is ideal.

Second, get organized. Having your life in disarray is very stressful. As you clear your clutter and find places to put things, and get rid of things you don't need, your physical working and living space becomes more peaceful right away. If you struggle with clutter or making sense of it all or letting it go, you might consider hiring a professional organizer to help you accomplish the task.

Next, you want to tackle incoming mail and emails. Read it, file it, reply to it, shred it, delete it, junk it, or something. Don't just let it sit there. In fact, if you have several piled up from days gone by, make a commitment to do at least one more plus today's every day. This will increase your peace by avoiding that nagging memory of needing to respond to something sometime. Just handle it today.

Fourth, do some stretching. You may try yoga poses, pilates stretches, or return to the stretches you were taught to do as a child or teen lengthening the spine and gently lengthening your limbs. Then move side to side. It's not about doing it perfectly or pushing yourself. It's about doing what feels good. If it hurts, stop. Just do what gives you that "Ahhh" feeling as you stretch.

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