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Calming Meditations Series Audio CDs

The author has published a series of relaxation and guided imagery CD's that offer calming meditations for anyone wanting to practice stress management.  They may be especially helpful to those in recovery from addictions and codependency, persons dealing with stress, worry or anxiety problems, those suffering chronic pain,  people having difficulty focusing, or those with problems reaching or sabotaging their goals.

Some of the recordings have nature sounds in the background and some have music.  All nature sounds are authentically captured and recorded by Hiding Star Publishing, LLC.  Each individual CD is typically 20-30 minutes in length so that the listener can fit it in to his/her busy schedule and still learn valuable stress management tools.

With over 30 years clinical experience as a therapist working in addictions and codependency as well as general mental health and stress management, the author has led numerous clients through relaxation and guided imagery exercises often to have them ask at the end of the session, "Wow, where can I get a recording of that?"  Clients frequently comment on how soothing and nurturing the author's voice is and the exercises are almost always effective regardless of the level of stress a person carries.

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